I’ve never been one to stick to one narrow field, having danced around the IT field in multiple capacities: Coder, Interface Developer, Trainer, Social Media Manager. Also, I am an artist, and in true multipotentialite fashion, have touched on multiple media, finding my home in the mixed media realm of visual journaling & bookbinding.

I bridge gaps. Distill concepts. I speak both Geek & Regular Joe fluently, so it’s pretty easy for me to translate both ways. And that’s also where I found myself most of my career. Between the artists and the geeks, graphic designers and coders, project managers and database engineers.

Because of this ability to find common language, encourage, and support, teaching has come naturally to me. Not only have several of my previous jobs found me in a conference room teaching on more than one occasion, I’ve taught bookbinding and visual journaling classes in-person in small workshops and art retreats, reaching both experienced artists as well as beginners who claim they haven’t a creative bone in their body.

I won’t deny there’s a bit of an independent streak in me. I’ve freelanced the majority of the past 10 years of my life, running my own WordPress training business, art making and teaching.

I work well on short-term projects, preferring variety over daily sameness, and love love love being part of the idea generating process.

I hang out mostly on Facebook and Instagram these days.

Creative Vagabond. Geek-to-Artist Translator. Strategic Thinker. Idea Generator. Visual Journalist.