Episode 5 – Resistance & Do What You Love

Apologies in advance… I forgot to click the “automatic level control” in GarageBand so the audio recorded a little loud & distorts slightly. I already deleted my first take, and my little guy has a cold so I decided I’d just go with it.

Here’s the exercise I went through in the podcast to help you figure out what it is you love to do:

  • Breathe deeply and close your eyes.
  • Think about things you want to try. Anything. List them quickly and DON’T THINK TOO MUCH.
  • Write as fast as you can 10 -30 things you want to try. Pick your top three as quickly as you can.
  • Glance through the list and circle 3. Then do one thing. Then do the next… and the next… Pick another one… Heck try them all!
  • Somewhere in that list are a few things you love to do. Find them. Do them.

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