Episode 8: Interview with Amanda Farough

I had an amazing conversation with Amanda Farough. We talked about collaboration, her new-ish creative collective and how to collect your own creative cohorts. You can find Amanda at AmandaFarough.com.

The article she mentioned from her (now defunct) web site is called “Fall Madly in Love with your Competition” She also mentioned quite a few amazing creative women, all of whom I admire greatly:

  • Naomi Niles – Digital Storyteller, Designer and Maker of tools for multi-creative
  • Sarah J. Bray – Writer and creative strategist at Gather the People
  • Illana Burke – Fearless Leader at Makeness Media
  • Danielle Laporte – author of the Firestarter Sessions & The Desire Map & Your Big Beautiful Book Plan

And as for the Podcast itself, you can now hear my show on Stitcher Radio On Demand, available for iPhone, Android, and most tablets.

Until next time, keep creating!

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