Now, if you’re here because of a proposal or job application, here’s the skinny:

I’ve been developing sites professionally for the web since 1999, and had my first web diary (before they were called blogs) that I hand-coded and updated manually several times a week in 1997.

I worked for various large consulting firms and smaller shops. Freelanced through most of that as well. And came upon WordPress over 9 years ago.

I fell in love with and have been using WP almost exclusively since 2004, having built over 30 sites on my own since then, both my own and for clients.

I’ve also had a hand in troubleshooting & modifying many other WordPress sites.

My also love training & idea-bouncing.

I always have a blast teaching folks how to use their own WordPress sites in order to express their own or their business’ purpose. One of the things I’m really good at is distilling tech into bite-size manageable teachable pieces. I’m also pretty good at helping you distill your ideas, brainstorming and general site/blog strategy.

So there ya have it. If you want more of my work history, find me on LinkedIn.

If you want a basic WordPress site, WP Training or need to bounce around some ideas about your site, I do screen-sharing sessions over Skype or in-person if you’re close by Morris County, NJ.

It’s $60/per half-hour session for training.

Simple WP installation and setup from $300.

Sample Basic WP Site
Sample Basic WP Site

Drop me a line by filling in the form below if you’re interested!

Creative Vagabond. Geek-to-Artist Translator. Strategic Thinker. Idea Generator. Visual Journalist.