From index-card furniture and armies of jumping frogs as a kid, writing stories with accompanying illustrations, doodling, to one class shy of an art minor in college, photography, drawing, painting, I’ve loved art in many forms since I can remember. After a few years hiatus, I got started up again around 2001 making tiny books out of paper, to working with polymer clay, bookbinding and stuff like that. It all morphed into mixed media where I find myself making and creating inside journals. Here’s some of my stuff:

2011 Journal Pages

This is the year where I really feel my own style started coming out… More faces, more experimenting with marks and materials.

2013 Journal Pages

Even though 2013 is only a year after my son’s birth, I tried to do just a bit of work in my journal… as much as I could. And although it was good, it wasn’t nearly enough…

2014 Journal Pages

Journaling by nature is introspective. I tend to let it all out, positive and negative, so what I feel gets on the page in some way. I use a lot of media: acrylic paints, markers, fountain pen, pencil, crayons, pastels, collage, tapes… you name it, I’ll probably use it. 2014 marks my dive back into … Continue reading 2014 Journal Pages

Mixed Media Paintings

I rarely do straight paintings, as my heart can never decide to stick to one media, so even what looks like straight paint, is mixed media. Here are a few pieces using predominantly acrylics, but are mixed media.


There was a time I actively sought to be published outside my blog. And I will, again, but here are two places where my work can be found, in actual paper books.

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