Merely a messenger

It’s incredible when you see yourself through the eyes of someone who is touched by what you do. It often seems like I’m tossing stuff into the ether, losing it to the void. But when it lands, when somoene is touched and tells you about it… It’s humbling. And encouraging. And sometimes even terrifying.
Square painting of a sunset view from the road with a tree in the forground

But I remind myself, it’s enough to do the work and show the work. The rest is not up to me. If I put too much energy and thought into something that I can’t control, I’ll make myself crazy.

It’s only mine to do the work and show it. The rest is not my problem. I am merely a messenger.

Several years ago when I went to a conference called the Gathering of Artisans (for Christian artists) where during the welcome event, an odd man insisted on calling me Angela when I distinctly and clearly told him my name seconds before. After I corrected him, he smiled and said he wasn’t wrong.

Angela means Messenger. I suppose all artists are messengers.

Currently, I’m reading a couple books that reinforce the artist-as-messenger theme:

Both say pretty much the same thing when it comes to your work, your art. It’s enough to do your work, to create, and to send it out into the world. The rest is beyond your control. Devote yourself to your work. Share your work. But don’t place any expectations on it.

So that’s what I’ll do.

100 Day Project update…

94/100. That’s where I’m at, nearly 2 months past the start date of my 100 Day Project.

Some would say I failed. That I’m a flake for not finishing.

But seriously here.  I drew 94 faces. NINETY FOUR.

In a span of slightly over 100 days. I’m far from an expert at realistic portraiture (not that I was attempting that to begin with ), but I can draw a pretty decent face whenever I want, straight on, 3/4 and profile. If you count the faces I doodled on my desk pad, I probably got the whole 100.

I did achieve what I set out to do, and that was to challenge myself in a way I haven’t before. So what if I’m 6 short!

The ‘last’ face (so far… I think I’ll go ahead and complete the 100 just for continuity’s sake) that I put up on Instagram was one I drew in a rare kid-free moment on my vacation in Greece this past summer.

I think I’m completely over my phobia of signing on to challenges. And besides. I’m not competing against anyone (neither are you), so if I “fail” at something I decided to do for myself, who gives a shit? As long as I get out of it what I intended to begin with, I call it a success.

Reached the half-way point of the 100 Day Project

Yesterday was day 50 of my 100 Day Project, and here are the first two days and the last 2. It’s cool to see the progression.
I am accomplishing what I set out to do in the beginning of this challenge. I’m seeing a style develop, I’m making it a point to draw these faces every day, and I’ve committed to a daily practice, that although has been interrupted a day here & there, I have come back to it. 
I have had trouble in the past committing to a challenge—I couldn’t even get through a 10-day vlog challenge a few years back—but here I am. 50 (51) days into a challenge that’s the longest one I’ve ever attempted and I’m loving it.
That’s not to say I haven’t had my moments of utter boredom, but as I seem to have created a habit, I have pushed my way through and made it fun again. 
I stopped the daily blog updates mainly because I felt like I was cluttering up my site. However, I will be updating this page with my latest efforts every so often in these last 50ish days. 

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