Sugar Addiction?

You are not addicted to sugar. 🍭🍬🍫

Food, by nature, is neutral. Demonizing any food group is pure diet culture BS.

No one can get addicted to food (barring any real disorders of satiety, you’re not addicted). You can’t get addicted to air or water. They’re REQUIRED for life. 

So is food.

➡️ RESTRICTION ⬅️ is what makes us obsess over everything we eat.

We desire what we can’t have. AND our bodies are primed via evolution to fight against starvation.

Diets (Paleo, Keto, WW, Intermittent Fasting, “Clean” eating) are by their very nature restrictive. This in turn creates a situation in your body where it thinks you’re starving. Even the THOUGHTS of restricting food triggers your body’s survival mechanisms.

So you fixate on food and feel “addicted.” 

Check out the Minnesota Starvation experiment where they subjected 30ish men to reduced-calorie diets of 1800 calories/day or less (think about the current popular recommendation for 1200-calorie a day diets. A *toddler* needs 1200 calories a day 😳).

One ended up scouring the trash for food, and snuck out to get milkshakes, while many chewed up to 40 pieces of gum a day and obsessed over food, making small rituals like adding water to make it seem like more.

What happens when you allow all foods? 

🔥Food loses its power over you. 👊 

And when food loses its power over you? You’re free to focus on stuff that’s more important. 

I also believe that diets are used to keep us docile & focused on food instead of changing our world, but that’s for another time.

*Note: Food can make your body feel differently depending on what it is. It’s highly individual. I feel better when I have more vegetables and drink lots of water, and I feel worse when I have more than a couple slices of bread. But that’s my body and I’m in tune with how food makes *me* feel. I still don’t restrict anything.

p.s. eat the damn cookie.

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