Clean Slate

If it looks a little sparse around here, it’s because I’m starting from scratch.

I’ve changed a lot since 2009 and these words just seem too much like baggage to keep hanging around.

I have a friend, Crys, who’s recently done the same thing, and this has been on my to-do list for ages. So it’s time.

All my posts are gone.

Blank slate, new theme.

Ready for the new-ness to come.

I have four episodes of a podcast out called Reclaiming Creativity, all about reclaiming your creative mojo after having kids (also applicable to any major life-change). I hope you’ll take a listen.

So, what’s to come?


More specifically finding it.

I finally realized the space where I thrive, thanks to my friend Rhiannon Llewellyn and her brand shift worksheet.

It’s facilitating voice-finding. That is, I empower people to find their creative voice and express it through whatever medium they choose, but mainly through online channels (blogging & social media) or through art.

What it really looks like in really real life? Not 100% sure yet, but its starting to feel real, and like me.

Here’s to the new.