Clean Slate

If it looks a little sparse around here, it’s because I’m starting from scratch.

I’ve changed a lot since 2009 and these words just seem too much like baggage to keep hanging around.

I have a friend, Crys, who’s recently done the same thing, and this has been on my to-do list for ages. So it’s time.

All my posts are gone.

Blank slate, new theme.

Ready for the new-ness to come.

I have four episodes of a podcast out called Reclaiming Creativity, all about reclaiming your creative mojo after having kids (also applicable to any major life-change). I hope you’ll take a listen.

So, what’s to come?


More specifically finding it.

I finally realized the space where I thrive, thanks to my friend Rhiannon Llewellyn and her brand shift worksheet.

It’s facilitating voice-finding. That is, I empower people to find their creative voice and express it through whatever medium they choose, but mainly through online channels (blogging & social media) or through art.

What it really looks like in really real life? Not 100% sure yet, but its starting to feel real, and like me.

Here’s to the new.

Making my way back…

Hi. *shuffles feet*

It’s been oh… over a year since I touched this blog. Figure it’s time to come back around to it.

If you’ve been following at all (I’ve been unusually active on Facebook lately), I had a baby almost a year ago. He’s absolutely amazing. And frustrating. And wonderful. He’s been the focus of my life lately and I have a very lonely blog to show for it, but I’m not apologizing for it! I made a baby! And if I may brag a bit… a 100% medication-free birth at home. And we both survived.

We also made the move North to be closer to my family. Hi Snow & cold and brrrr…

As with my normal state of being, I have some new things in the works. I’m launching a podcast called “Reclaiming Creativity” in a few days. It’s a podcast geared towards figuring out how to… wait for it… Reclaim your Creativity 😉 after having kids.

I’ll be doing monologues and interviews. First episode is in the can, two interviews with two fabulously creative moms recorded and waiting to be edited.

This post is yet another step in me reclaiming my own creativity.

So is this…


And I’ll probably be simplifying my web presence. Thanks to a few things happening at the same time (my sites all being hacked, realizing I need to simplify because I can’t possibly keep 5+ sites running smoothly and with fresh content regularly). Everything will live here.

So… what have you been up to?