Less Misanthrope, more Let’s Optimize!

People screw stuff up all the time. 

We’re human, so of course we make mistakes. 

We’re human so we’re slow and forgetful with boring stuff. 

During a meeting today our CEO joked that I dislike people (he was a bit more colorful with his language but I’ll leave that up to your imagination). 

I love people.

But I often look to automation to make work and life easier, taking humans out of tasks that require precision and timing and repetition. 

It’s less misanthropic and more “let people do what they do best and let computers & systems do the rest”. 

People are best at creativity, relationships, overcoming objections, empathy, and those kinds of things.

Put people where they shine, and build systems around them for supporting the things they’ll screw up time and time again.

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