No TV for 30 Days

You know you’re deep into a TV binge when Netflix regularly asks you if you’re still watching. 

I found myself here at the end of March.

At our Dreams Program meeting at The Abs Company we were given a discipline challenge, pick one thing to do or not do for 30 days.

I decided to stop my TV habit cold turkey. Unplugged the TV in my office and hid the remote (which I still can’t find by the way). The other members of my household weren’t subject to the same so I found ways around that.

Instead of watching TV, I… 

📝 finished a class I was taking online
🍽 kept the kitchen sink clean (most nights)
🎸 picked up my guitar again
🎧listened to podcasts
🎮 played games with my kid
📕read nearly 2000 pages
📝 started a new online class
😴and got a LOT more rest. 

Where I thought that I had no time to do what I wanted, I discovered I actually *did* have time – I was just using it to numb my brain with TV shows. 

On May 1st, free from the shackles of the 30-day challenge, I decided I’d catch up with the 3-4 shows I regularly watched. Four shows deep, I realized it didn’t feel very good, but I kept watching. I spent most of my day staring at the tube and ended up feeling like a zombie by dinner. 

I’ll still watch my shows on occasion, but I think I’ll be keeping most of my time for me instead of giving it to Netflix.

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